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Thanks for looking me up.

I unexpectedly wrote a book with my pulpit rabbi. She was planning on leaving the congregation to pursue her advocacy work, and she asked my advice. I said, “You should write a book, so you have a platform.” She enthusiastically responded, “Great! Let’s write a book!”

Before I became an author, I spent ten years as a community advocate in Charlotte, North Carolina, mostly on issues of affordable housing. This work led me to become a volunteer organizer (again for my co-author/rabbi) and to chair an endowment that provides rental subsidies for families needing affordable housing.

I began my career in business, mostly as a management consultant at Booz Allen in Chicago and then as vice president for ticketing at the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team.

I graduated the University of Pennsylvania magna cum laude with two bachelors degrees. I earned an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

I am fortunate to have three adult children, two sons-in-law, two grandchildren, and a wonderful husband.

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